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How To Practice Yoga At Home ?

Practicing yoga at home is less challenging than what you think. Moreover, it might be the ultimate way for you to boost your immune system and calm your nervous system during these though days! News of the coronavirus and other stressful things of our lives can make us feel anxious from times to times. Additionally, this can seriously affect your body and trigger other issues such as digestive problems or even sleep disorders.

That’s why starting a home yoga practice is definitely a good time-saver activity. Similarly, researchers have demonstrated that up to twenty minutes of yoga a day can be extremely beneficial. Breathing exercises and meditation can also help you feeling calmer during this difficult period.


You don’t need much in order to start a yoga practice, even if you’re out the studio:

  • Choose a quiet and uncluttered space in your house. It can be a space in front of a wall for example. Make sure it’s your favourite spot in the house.
  • You might decorate it with a pillow, candles, or a plant of your choice.
  • Set up a daily goal and try to get on your mat at least 15 minutes each day.
  • Begin with basic beginner’s yoga videos. You will notice that the more you practice, the better you get.


It’s really important that you listen to your body and choose the practice you want to get involved in accordingly. For example, you might feel a bit “blah” and need a restorative or calming yoga. Or, you might feel extremely energetic and practice a flowing yoga which involves poses that will make you feel satisfied.

Moreover, you must allow yourself to be aware of whatever sensations or thoughts you are going through. Hence, if you approach your yoga practice with a self-acceptance and without judging yourself, you will certainly feel more motivated. Once you start practicing your poses, always cultivate this idea of accepting your emotions and letting go whatever makes you feel stuck.



In conclusion, whether your goal is to be an at-home, self-educated yogi, or you just want to do some exercise during your quarantine, yoga will walk you through a path of calm and stability.


One of the best things about yoga is that it can be done almost anytime, anywhere. However, you must have the motivation requested to hop on something comfy and start practicing.
Additionally, you need to make sure you stay focused without ending up doing something else. It is important that you don’t interrupt your practice. Even though it might be tough to know exactly what you want to do, make sure you continue practicing yoga until you become confident about your practice.


Last but not least, yoga is really the least expensive sport you can experience. No need to buy a subscription or a bunch of equipment. No need to go to the gym. All you need is comfortable clothes, a mat, some space and your body.


When you first start practicing, don’t get frustrated if you can’t do the poses as your teacher used to, or if you’re not as flexible as the woman in the video. Because, yoga is about self-love, and it’s about acknowledging who you really are. Do not judge yourself and do not rush things.

Yoga is not about doing poses, it’s about experience something new every time you practice. For this reason, make sure you always have this in mind before you find yourself vibrating with the music of yoga!

Moreover, you should try to cultivate an awareness and a concentration that will help you improving faster. Last but not least, try to practice every day and you will notice how better your practice is getting. So hop into something comfy, and get started!



We recommend you to set up your own personal yoga routine, and try to repeat it everyday. For example, you might begin with practicing each morning. Additionally, you may practice sun salutations poses. They are a great way of practicing yoga poses and involving all of the parts of your body. Moreover, they can also be practiced as a warm-up before moving into more challenging poses.

Sun salutations are extremely effective for many things. They unwind the mind and the body, allowing you to make a fresh starting of the day. Additionally, they ensure that your heart stays health and boost your immunity. Sun salutations poses are also great for correcting imbalances and adding flexibility to your body. Moreover, they improve internal organs’ functions and ensure a great digestion. Sun salutations are the best way to becoming a more creative and curious yogi.

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