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12V Car Vacuum Cleaner Handheld Device

$68.38 $46.10

6L Mini Portable Fridge For Cars

$93.18 $86.18

Apple Lightning Adapter Ring Holder


Bluetooth FM Transmitter Car Adapter

$33.26 $21.95

Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit Wireless Speakerphone

$53.88 $39.02

Bluetooth Handsfree USB Car Charger Adapter

$39.96 $29.98

Bluetooth Jack Wireless Adapter

$37.95 $21.95

Car Air Cleaner Auto Ionizer Purifier

$57.35 $37.50

Car Battery Charger Auto 110V/220V

$64.74 $49.28

Car Camera Recorder Dashboard Video


Car Camera System 1080P with Wifi and GPS


Car Cleaning Slime Multipurpose Cleaner

$19.95 $9.99

Discover the coolest car electronics in our website. Shoppoid is the best selling point of must have car electronics. Long road trips can get really boring, especially for kids. If you don’t have entertaining gadgets in your car, you might have some hard time and never want to drive again!

Always make sure you have a USB charger in your car. This tool is extremely handy especially if you are running out of battery during your trip. It also saves a lot of space and allows you to charge more than one device at once.

A dash cam can also be useful especially if you are having trouble in determining fault after an accident. This tiny device can capture images and keeps you safe at the same time.

Last but not least, a magnetic phone holder is also a must to have in your car. It’s easy to set up or remove, and prevents you from holding your phone during your trip.

Investing in these small gadgets can be useful and is important for your safety. What can be more important than that ?